ASEAN - At the glance

  12:13 | 10/30/2019

The Royal Thai Army

  13:11 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The long and glorious history of the Kingdom of Thailand is a true reflection of how the Royal Thai Army has been so vital to the Thai society as it serves to protect and preserve national interests, sovereignty and dignity.

The Singapore Army

  13:10 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - On August 9th 1965, Singapore became independent. It was a time of strife and instability. Then, there were only two regular Battalions - the 1st and 2nd Battalions, Singapore Infantry Regiment (1 SIR and 2 SIR respectively).

The Myanmar Armed Forces

  13:08 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - Since its inception, the Myanmar Armed Forces (of) Tatmadaw, has dedicated itself to serve the interest of the people. Myanmar had been an independent and sovereign state for thousands of years. Throughout our history, from Pagan Dynasty to Kanbaung Dynasty, Myanmar had been a unified, strong and powerful nation whose influence extended to the whole of South East Asia.

The Malaysian Army

  13:07 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The history of the Malaysian Army can be traced back to 1 March 1933 with the formation of the first Experimental Squad of 25 Malay recruits under the British Administration marking the birth of the most senior regiment in the Malaysian Army which will later be redesignated as the Royal Malay Regiment (RMR).

The Laos People’s Army

  13:05 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The Lao People’s Army stemmed from the people of entire ethnic groups through out the country, and was established on 20 January 1949. Therefore, the genuine creed of the army belongs to the people, by the people and for the people.

The Indonesian National Army

  13:04 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The Indonesian Army is one of the Indonesian national components whose mission is to safeguard the sovereignty and unity of the land territory of the United State of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces

  13:02 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) was established on 9 November 1953 under a Franco-Khmer convention.

The Royal Brunei Land Force

  13:00 | 10/29/2019

(ADMM) - The Royal Brunei Land Force originated from the Brunei Malay Regiment which was formed on the 31st May 1961. The first intake of 60 recruits was selected to train at Port Dickson, Malaya. These recruits completed their training on 4th November 1961. Hence the Royal Brunei Land Force celebrates its anniversary every 4th November to commemorate this significant date.

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